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Your partner for electromagnetic testing

Since 1948, the name FOERSTER has been synonymous with highest quality and precision. We develop and produce instruments and systems for the non-destructive testing of metallic materials, metal detection and magnetics.


For a long time people have been fascinated with the dream of flying, to see the world from a different perspective. Since the first attempts at flight, a highly technological and innovative industry has developed that not only brings us safely to our vacation spots but also reliably navigates us through the urban jungle via satellite technology.

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Accurate and reliable conductivity measurement

Great measurement quality made easy The SIGMATEST 2.070 is a portable eddy current instrument which measures the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals based on the complex impedance of the measuring probe. The measuring range for the instrument is established by calibration.



Portable Magnetometer

Compact Precision
The MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 is a portable magnetometer system with microprocessor and probes for measuring the magnetic flux density as an absolute or differential value (gradient). It has a USB port for simple data transfer and an SD card for saving measurement data and parameters. The measuring system also facilitates the recognition and saving of peak values and the adjustment of thresholds for limit values. The unit can be used for series and individual measurements.



Compact mobile crack test device for aircraft and automobile components

Eddy current testing made simple The DEFECTOMETER M 1.837 is ideally suited for all situations requiring mobile crack testing. The device has a defect resolution starting from just 20 µm and numerous automatic functions. The LED scale reading and LCD display ensure good legibility even in broad daylight or complete darkness. The long operating life of 35 hours and USB port make it a perfect companion for manual crack and hardness testing and the separation of materials.

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